Cake. Cakey cake. Lovely lovely cakey cake! 

It’s a miracle we can even get those words out through all the eating of cake!

Crumbs Vegan Bakery sells from a range of markets and shops, and can also do special orders. We caught up with owner Louise to ask her all about her cake. Did we mention she makes cake??

How did Crumbs start?

I set up Crumbs initially this time last year. I was living in London at the time and wanted to support the festival that was happening here and possibly turn it into my full time job in the future. So I returned to the business in December and have been working on it ever since!

Do you see a change in the vegan market in Belfast?

I have seen a massive difference in the market since I started. Initially the response was massive and very unexpected, and since then lots more options are popping up for people. Just in restaurants items being marked properly etc is extremely helpful.  But also the support from the vegan community here for my products has been amazing.

What is your best selling flavour and what is your own favourite?

My bestseller is either Oreo or raspberry ruffle.  Raspberry ruffle is my favourite. It’s a chocolate base with coconut and a fresh raspberry baked inside raspberry/coconut icing and raspberry ruffle crumbs. Sure why not!!

How can we buy from you? 

People can buy my cakes directly from me either via Facebook or email. I’m also a regular at Inns market​ and will be popping up in more cafés soon. Like the Facebook page to keep up to date.😀