22 Wellington Place, Belfast

028 9023 4946


Home was one of the first – maybe THE first – restaurants in Belfast to provide a separate vegan menu. We’ve had many, many delicious meals at Home since then. They change the menu quite regularly and the food is even better than the descriptions suggest.

Our latest visit mixed some old favourites with a new favourite. Hummus for starters because hummus is life!

Then we tried the vegan super salad and were blown away by the cashew mayo. If they sold it in buckets we’d be buying one a week!

It’s the law when you eat at Home to have a side of their excellent sweet potato fries too. 

The staff are all really friendly and knowledgeable about the food. Another top point is the fact that all the menu options are available as small or large plates so its very flexible. 

Here’s a recent menu but it does change regularly. 

All menus available at http://www.homebelfast.co.uk